Why I am a Black separatist

This, my people, is where we find ourselves this very moment. History has been mis-written in our minds to make it seem that full integration is the only road open to us, to make it seem like this is the only road we have taken; that this is the only road we know how to take.

Pending Thought: The Pax Americana is eating itself.

Donald Trump has been blowing things up. But no, this is not quite right, as Donald Trump is just some fat septuagenarian. He, as himself, has as much power to rain fire from the sky as I do. This time last year, he couldn't have blown up his own toilet without getting the approval of … Continue reading Pending Thought: The Pax Americana is eating itself.

Racist murders, Black corpses, White entitlement.

I do not doubt the reality and power of artistic empathy. But any true empathy would have shown Schutz that as a White person, she is part of the cabal that created the bloated, broken body in her painting. As someone for whom this act was ostensibly done, her place in the story was in the barn where Emmett was tortured and murdered, with the lynchers, not in the funeral home with his mother.