Why this blog has a donate button.

Why this blog has a donate button.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a donate button. If you’re impatient and the desire to donate to this enterprise is giving you agita, feel free to skip this paragraph and go right to it.

All the same, I feel that giving individuals the option to commit themselves monetarily to what I am trying to do here, requires a brief explanation of what I am trying to do here, why your donation of any size will help, and, most importantly; what such donations can lead to. We live in a world where it is possible to grow insanely wealthy doing work which does nothing more than reinforce a system of artificial scarcity and unchecked greed. If I  chose to do the work of a stock broker, gambling with paper that represents the labor of millions of people who live in privation that I may live in luxury; if I chose to do the work of a corporate executive, heedlessly extracting that labor while giving the greater part of its produce to my fellow executives and the stock brokers; if I chose to be a hospital administrator and devote myself to milking the sick with the aid of insurance companies, driving some of them into bankrupt desperation as the price of life; I would find myself amply compensated. Those of us, however, who undertake to grapple with the human condition are expected to do this work, which demands much more of us personally than the jobs I’ve alluded to above, sometimes for a pittance, but most often for nothing. What do I mean by “grappling with the human condition.” I mean engaging seriously and constantly with what it means for us to exist, both individually and collectively, as temporary beings designed to seek happiness and truth but thrown into a world of suffering and falsehood. Now, not all the work I’ve set for myself occurs explicitly on the plane of the existential. I also work to provide social, historical, political and economic analysis. This requires time for research and access to books and databases. Your small individual assistance will make it that much easier to do both kinds of work and produce more of it. I’m not asking for a personal living, I labor in this wasteland just like you. And I’ll do what of this work I can so long as I’m alive and have access to this medium. With your donations, I will buy books, maintain database subscriptions, subscribe to publications which will allow me to delve into the broadest range of material possible in bringing you this work, in addition to other implements which aid one in such endeavors. No doubt some of you are thinking: “Rather than helping him get these things, I could use the money to get them for myself.” This is true, and if you don’t have them and would like to, I encourage you to do so. I am not begging. I present this option because I have been fortunate to be connected to people who find my work adds something to their lives. I would like to do more of this work, I assume they to would like this, the means to help this happen are now available.  It is not my intention to make a living from donations. If donations become significant enough, I hope to use them to begin building my institutional aspirations. I want to build a global Pan-African publication which will allow the African People Universal to communicate and strategize among ourselves, relatively free of the distortion caused by global Euro-capitalist media conglomerates. To this end, as soon as possible, I hope to be able to recruit and pay guest writers. At some point, I would like to leave WordPress and create a fully independent website including: A network of podcasts and video content created and propagated in the pursuit of freedom. From here I plan to create an independent media company which will serve both Africa and her diaspora. Your donations, both by supporting my individual work and making it easier to fund such endeavors, will bring these to fruition sooner than would otherwise be the case. I can make no promises about how soon this will happen, hence my focus on this blog as a solo endeavor. When I have a business plan and a timeline, I will present it here. If you would like a personal thank you, please include your email address in the comment box when you make your donation. As long as is practical, I mean to respond to every donor. These donations should not be mistaken for purchases nor should they be considered as insurance against anything I will say in the future. I cannot and I will not commit to only saying things which you will like. I can only seek the truth and speak it as I find at any given moment, to be open to my own fallibility and all of your comments, and to be as sincere as I can be in all things. This is what you would be investing in. If you’re still interested, please, by all means: Donate